Ian Haughland - drums

The Swedish drummer Ian Haughland joined the band Europe for their "Wings of Tomorrow" tour, and he went on to record three albums with them: "The Final CountDown" (1986), "Out of This World" (1988) and "Prisoners in Paradise" (1991). After Europe had broken up, Ian decided to reform an old band of his called Trilogy. They released the album "Lust Provider" in 1994. The same year, he joined Glenn Hughes' band and recorded a few drum parts (on a few songs which was used as bonus tracks) for the album "From Now On..." and he also played on the live album "Burning Japan Live", which was released the same year. After that he joined Brazen Abbot and played drums on the three albums that has been released so far. In 1997, he joined the Swedish band Clockwise and played on the two albums "Nostalgia" and "Naïve". The same year he also played on the Brains Beat Beauty album "First Moses, Now This...". Ian also sang and played keyboards on the song "Changes", which was recorded for the Ozzy Osbourne tribute "Ozzified".


Europe - Final Countdown (1986)
Europe - Out of This World (1988)
Europe - Prisoners in Paradise (1991)
Baltimoore - Thought for Food (1992)
Trilogy - Lust Provider (1994)
Glenn Hughes - Burning Japan Live (1994)
Brazen Abbot - Live and Learn (1995)
Brazen Abbot - Eye of the Storm (1996)
Brazen Abbot - Bad Religion (1997)
Brains Beat Beauty - First Moses, Now This... (1997)
Clockwise - Nostalgia (1997)
Clockwise - Naïve (1998)
Baltimoore - The Best of (2001)
Sha-Boom - The best of (2002)
Brazen Abbot - Guilty as Sin (2003)