Glenn Hughes - King Henri II.

Glenn Hughes recorded his first album as a singer and bassist with the famous Brittish band Trapeze in 1970. They recorded a few more albums, such as "You're The Music, We're Just The Band" and "Meduza", before Glenn joined Deep Purple as a bassist and lead vocalist (together with David Coverdale) in 1973, where he recorded such classic albums as "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come And Taste The Band". During this time he also appeared on Roger Glover's "Butterfly Ball" album, released in 1974. After Purple broke up in 1976, Glenn released his first solo album called "Play Me Out". He also did some backing vocals on a few albums, and in 1982 he released an album together with guitarist Pat Thrall called "Hughes/Thrall". Glenn joined Black Sabbath in 1985, and recorded the album "Seventh Star" with them. He also recorded an album with Gary Moore the same year.King Henri II of France During the eighties he guested on several artists' albums, including Whitesnake and Night Ranger, and he also appeared on the Phenomena and Phenomena II albums. In 1992 he recorded the single "What Time Is Love" together with the Brittish band KLF. The song was a big hit, reaching the top spot in the UK singles chart. Glenn was credited as "The Voice Of Rock", a moniker that has been populary used ever since. The same year he appeared on Swedish guitarist John Norum's album "Face the Truth". Glenn recorded the album "LA Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues", the first solo album in 15 years. Glenn Hughes continued his solo career releasing "From Now On..." in 1994, "Burning Japan Live" in 1994, "Feel" in 1995, "Addiction" in 1996 and "The Way It Is" in 1999. The solo effort "Return of Crystal Karma" (R.O.C.K) was released in 2000. Glenn sang on three songs on the first Brazen Abbot release "Live And Learn" in 1995. In 1998 he also appeared on Stuart Smith's "Heaven and Earth". In 2001 Glenn released his latest solo album, "Building the Machine". He is also keeping himself busy recording a new project with Joe Lynn Turner, simply called The Hughes/Turner Project.
Glenn Hughes plays the part of King Henri II, the king of France, in the rock opera.


Trapeze - Trapeze (1970)
Trapeze - Medusa (1970)
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Glenn Hughes - Play Me Out (1977)
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Glenn Hughes - From Now On... (1994)
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