What's been said about "Nostradamus"

Joe Lynn Turner:
"Nikolo Kotzev's 'Nostradamus' is awe inspiring...a timely and brilliant piece of work...a true rock opera...it was an honor and pleasure to work with such an incredible composer and cast...any listener would be enriched...besides IT ROCKS!!"

Glenn Hughes on recording "Nostradamus":
"I always sing like it's the last thing I'd do. I want to leave a legacy behind me that people find interesting also the day I'm gone."

Taken from Joe Lynn Turner's website:
"In other news, Joe just completed work on an album entitled 'Nostradamus', which is a rock opera for the new millenium created by Nikolo Kotzev (Brazen Abbot). I have just heard some of the rough mixes and this is an incredible piece of art. It features a multitude of guest artists including: Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath), Doogie White (Rainbow), Alannah Myles, Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and of course, Joe. Each one performs as a character from Nostradamus and I have to say, this is better than anything I've heard in a while. Very inventive and creative."

Doogie White:
"From what I have heard it sounds amazing."

Lisa (guestbook entry):
"Your 'Nostradamus' project sounds amazing. I am especially excited to see that two of my favorite female vocalists are part of it all (Myles and Jordan)!"

Heart Of The Rock Magazine:
"HOTR will be undertaking an interview with Nikolo prior to the album release, so that we can get the lowdown on what has become a great musical project involving rock as well as classical musicians. This one has been some time in the making, and will be one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year 2001 , after the spectacular results of all 3 prior Brazen Abbot albums. All are worth getting."

Teri (forum entry):
"This is going non-stop in my player..i just keep playing it over and over again..i would love to see this done as a live production!! And i really love the libretto book as well....clever usage of symbols instead of character names...excellent, excellent, excellent..."

Andrew (forum entry):
"In short this is a tremendous CD, excellent music, lyrics and vocals. While GH stands very tall with his talents on the album, I very much enjoyed the efforts of JLT, Doogie White and I was VERY IMPRESSED with the talents of Mrs. Lande and Goran E, both of whom did some amazing stuff.
Congratulations to ALL, a Superb effort, up there with TSO's Beethoven's Last Night and between Mr. Kotzev's efforts and TSO . . . I think the reign of Webber-Rice will soon be over!"

Stuart (forum entry):
"The extracts you have on your website just blew me away, the class and majesty of what came pouring out of my PC speakers has stunned me. This album sounds so amazing I am literaly ticking off the days on my calendar until the European release.Totaly amazing, realy you deserve to sell millions of copies of this!"

Andrea (forum entry):
"Three years were worth the waiting, because Nikolo has put together a rock opera that hopefully will be considered the perfect blend of hard rock and classical music. This is indeed a concept opera: you canít just pick a song out of it, theyíre all parts of this massive project that features great musicianship (Europeís rhythmic section still rocks!), mature songwriting, inspired lyrics and HUGE orchestral arrangements. And all this comes from only one man: Nikolo Kotzev. I donít know if itís an exclusive to the Japanese pressings, but the over-sized CD case and the excellent artwork, is an extra that makes this album essential in any collection. Incredible work!"

Dimitri (forum entry):
"Might I say from the mp3 samples I have heard, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your musical masters for an outstanding release!!! I have shivers just listening to the fabulous mix of rock, symphony and fairytale! I can barely wait to hear the entire performance!"

Giuseppe (forum entry):
"I never, and I say never, listened so many times to a cd in the same day. What really is awesome is that I discover things every single time I push the play button."

Dave (forum entry):
"Got the CD today its great!! The music the vocals and everything else about it. If you don`t have a copy yet buy one its worth it!! Great job."

Esther (forum entry):
"I've finished to listen the "Nostradamus" album and I couldn't find the words to describe my feelings now... the album is a masterpiece, it's more than brilliant. It has the best vocals I've ever heard in my life......"

Michel (by Email):
"I've bought a copie of your Nostradamus album and I think it's superb!!! I can't find the right words to describe how fantastic this piece of work is. I was looking out for the album a long time, and it was worth the wait. I sure love the Brazen Abbot discs as well, but this masterpiece really blew me away."

Ken (by Email):
"I just received it on Friday, May 25th. I only listened to the first CD - sounds incredible, I love this stuff. Thanks for some more great music."

John W (forum entry):
"These cds were well worth the prolonged wait! This may be the THE release of 2001. Congrats to Nikolo and all the players involved. I think you've set a new standard for projects of this nature. Congrats again on a job very well done!"

Braveheart (forum entry):
"oh my god....I never would have thought that the result would be that brilliant....I read in magazines about this project and yesterday I bought the album.......IT TOTALLY ROCKS !!! thanx to nikolo + rest........U RULE !!!"

Al (forum entry):

Dimitri (forum entry):
"AN ENORMOUS congratulations to you and all the performers and artists...this inspiring rock opera has not left my CD player for weeks...and its getting better and better yet! Your fantastic combination of hard rock, soft ballads and orchestral symphony is second to none!"

Paal (forum entry):
"Jorn brought the CD to a party I was at a couple of weeks ago, and in my slightly intoxicaded mode I just loved the music. Downloading the mp3 clips from this page made no doubt! I have to get this album !! :)"

Alanna (forum entry):
"I managed to order the disc through a disc shop in Germany and got it just yesterday and must say that it is truly an amazing piece of work. One of the few cds I have heard so far this year that have really blown me away. Those that may be still waffling on whether to pick this up or not.. rest assured you will not be disappointed. Believe the hype, this will go down as classic."

Christos (forum entry):
"I approached it a little hesitantly at first but it really is nothing short of a masterpiece! You should be very proud! The display of vocal, compositional, arranging and performing talent on it is astounding and it truely is a work unequalled....... Much as I love Brazen Abbot ( haven't managed to find Bad Religion yet but the first two are excellent ) nothing could prepare me for the sheer enjoyment Nostradamus offers."

Zlatina (forum entry):
"I was lucky to hear part of "Nostradamus".It's brilliant and totally overwhelming."

Hector (forum entry):
"Congratulations Nik for this superb work, NOSTRADAMUS...GOD, sheer brilliance!! If any of you had doubts whether Nik could create a real ROCK OPERA, then let me tell you that this GEM will wipe these doubts out of your mind faster than a passing concorde!!"