Sass Jordan - Queen Catherine

Sass Jordan (Sas Jordon) was originally born in England, but she moved to Canada a few years after her birth. Her first album, "Tell Somebody", was released at first only in Canada, and it became quite a success, and she even recieved the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy, the Juno Award, for best female artistQueen Catherine of France in 1989. Her follow-up album, "Racine", was released world-wide in 1992, which included the hit "Make You a Believer". She also sang a duet with Joe Cocker for "The Bodyguard" soundtrack, an album which have sold more than 27 million copies worldwide. In 1994, she released her third solo album "Rats", and she and her band toured for the album in support of such artists as Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel and ZZ Top. "Rats" was followed by "Present", including the hit single "Desire", in 1998. Her latest album (now under the name Sas Jordon), "Sas Jordon's Hot Gossip", was released in 2001.
Sass Jordan sings the part of Queen Catherine of France in the "Nostradamus" rock opera.


Tell Somebody (1989)
Racine (1992)
Rats (1994)
Present (1998)
Sas Jordon's Hot Gossip (2001)