Mic Michaeli - organ

Swedish keyboardist Mic Michaeli joined Europe for their "Wings of Tomorrow" tour and played on three Europe albums, the classic "The Final Countdown" (1986), "Out of This World" (1988) and "Prisoners in Paradise" (1991). After Europe split up, he joined Glenn Hughes' band for two albums, "From Now on..." and the live album "Burning Japan Live", both released in 1994. After that he joined Brazen Abbot for their three albums and he also played on the Brains Beat Beauty album "First Came Moses, Now This..." released in 1997.


Europe - Final Countdown (1986)
Europe - Out of This World (1988)
Europe - Prisoners in Paradise (1991)
Glenn Hughes - From Now on... (1994)
Glenn Hughes - Burning Japan Live (1994)
Brazen Abbot - Live and Learn (1995)
Brazen Abbot - Eye of the Storm (1996)
Brains Beat Beauty - First Came Moses, Now This.. (1997)
Brazen Abbot - Bad Religion (1997)
Brazen Abbot - Guilty as Sin (2003)