Göran Edman - Soldier/Ghost

The Swedish singer Göran Edman made his first appearances on the hard rock scene on the Madison albums "Diamond Mistress" from 1984 and "Best in Show" from 1986. In 1987, he joined Europe guitarist John Norum's band and sang on the album "Total Control". Göran then joined another famous Swedish guitarist, Yngwie Malmsteen, for two albums: "Eclipse" from 1991 and "Fire and Ice" from 1992.Soldier/Ghost After leaving Malmsteen's band, he sang on four tracks on the Glory album "Positive Buoyant". He also appeared on "Crisis vs. Crisis" the following year. Göran also sang on the three Brazen Abbot releases: "Live and Learn" (1995), "Eye of the Storm" (1996) and "Bad Religion" (1997). In 1999, he sang on not less than four albums, the Johansson Brothers' album "Last Viking", Street Talk's "Collaboration", Kharma's "Wonderworld" and finally the Reingold album "Universe". The following year another Street Talk album, "Transition", was released, and also the Glory album "Wintergreen", which had been available in Japan since 1998. On "Nostradamus", Göran Edman plays the part of the ghost of a French soldier who inherits Nostradamus' powers when drinking wine from Nostradamus' skull.


Madison - Diamond Mistress (1984)
Madison - Best in Show (1986)
John Norum - Total Control (1987)
John Norum - Live in Stockholm (1990)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Eclipse (1991)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire and Ice (1992)
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Brazen Abbot - Live and Learn (1995)
Glory - Crisis vs. Crisis (1995)
Brazen Abbot - Eye of the Storm (1996)
Brazen Abbot - Bad Religion (1997)
Snake Charmer - Backyard Boogaloo (1998)
Johansson - Last Viking (1999)
Kharma - Wonderworld (1999)
Street Talk - Collaboration (1999)
Reingold - Universe (1999)
Street Talk - Transition (2000)
Glory - Wintergreen (1998/2000)
Street Talk - Restoration (2002)
Brazen Abbot - Guilty as Sin (2003)