Reviews of "Nostradamus"


It has turned into a kind of "trend" for good guitarists to create and compose concepts with the help of orchestras and classical instruments. Nikolo Kotzev has a history of it's own and this release came to confirm his well know composing and performing abilities. So, he has managed to create an absolute masterpiece of Heavy Music with Classical elements, all this with the help of guest musicians like John Lynn Turner, Glen Hughes, Alannah Myles and Jorn Lande just to name a few. Of course no classical elements could exist without the help of the 35 member orchestra, whose music bonds perfectly with the Melodic Heavy Metal, creating an absolute perfect musical experience. The story is a concept and, as you might imagine, is talking about Nostradamus, the famous prophet. The opera comes in a two Cd package with the lyrics since is not possible to follow the meaning of the music otherwise. Excellent work has been done in every aspect, and all the singers and the musicians in general, have given their best. If you are looking for an excellent bond of Melodic Heavy Metal along with classical influences then this one will give you enough hours of listening pleasure.


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