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(August 25 2008) Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus rock opera has been nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2008! The theme for this year's award is musicals and musical drama from the Nordic countries, making Nostradamus an obvious choice for nomination! Read more about the award and the other nominees at Nordic Council's website!

(August 22 2005) The new Brazen Abbot studio album, "My Resurrection", was released on Frontiers Records in July! Additionally, the first three Brazen Abbot studio albums, "Live and Learn", "Eye of the Storm" and "Bad Religion", will be re-released today on SPV Records!

(October 13 2004) Nikolo Kotzev and Brazen Abbot has signed a record deal with Frontiers Records! The first release will be the live album/DVD "A Decade of Brazen Abbot", which will be released on November 22! Nik is currently in the process of recording the new Brazen Abbot studio album, and he has also begun work on a new rock opera! Check out the Official Brazen Abbot Website for more information!

(August 8 2003) The new Brazen Abbot album, "Guilty as Sin", was released on July 28! For more information, please visit the Official Brazen Abbot Website!

(March 13 2003) Nikolo Kotzev has finished mixing the new Brazen Abbot album "Guilty as Sin"! The album will be released by SPV (same record label that released Nostradamus) at the end of May! For more information and the cover artwork, please visit the Official Brazen Abbot Website!

(November 18 2002) Nikolo Kotzev announced recently his official plans to put Nostradamus on stage in Sofia, Bulgaria. He will work closely with a company called "Bogart productions". Many interested parties have already contacted the Nostradamus team, expressing their interest in cooperation. The preliminary dates for the premiere are set for Autumn, 2003.
The initial plans are to invite the original band and singers.The orchestra, choir and ballet will be from Bulgaria. Having in mind the size of the project and the difficulties we will meet on the way, we realize it is not going to be easy. However,we will start working, the future will show. Hope to see you all in Bulgaria!!

(November 8 2002) Nikolo Kotzev has now returned from Bulgaria. His dissertation went very well, Nik now holds a "Master's degree in music arts" with the highest possible grade! Nik also guested two national TV shows, seen by about 2.5-3 million and 1 million viewers, respectively (there are about 7.5 million people living in Bulgaria)! He also appeared on another primetime show, this time as a member of a jury (among others of Bulgaria's most respected artists and journalists), which had to pick out the best of 12 nationally produced videoclips. The promo tour continued with Nik appearing on a couple of radio shows and giving interviews to 10 papers/magazines! Nik also gave a guest performance at a club, where he met a couple of friends, with whom he played some party music and just had a lot of fun. He also gave a concert playing Brazen Abbot, Rainbow and Deep Purple songs, which went very well! Also, a small tidbit on the upcoming Brazen Abbot album: we can now confirm the album title will be "Guilty as Sin"!

(October 23 2002) Nikolo Kotzev will make a guest appearance on "The Slavi Show" on the national Bulgarian TV channel on October 31!
On November 3, Nik will appear on a concert together with Bulgarian band Analgin (featuring singer Zvezdi) in Cool House - Bibliotekata, Sofia! Nik will also bring with him copies of Nostradamus, which will be available at a record signing on November 1, at the record store at Boris 117 str. (close to hotel Sheraton), also in Sofia!

(October 3 2002) Nik will be in Sofia, Bulgaria between October 24 and November 5 to defend his master thesis. There are also plans to hold a record signing, where people can buy Nostradamus (it hasn't been released in Bulgaria)! Time and place have not been decided yet...While in Bulgaria, Nik will also make some appearances on TV and radio! When he was in Bulgaria in June, it resulted in not less than 6 different TV programs! There are also talks about holding a concert with a few others of Bulgaria's most know guitarists! On the setlist there might be a few Brazen Abbot tunes and some jamming...Nik is looking forward to meeting Bulgarian fans!
Nik is also currently planning for a European Brazen Abbot tour, which might start in February! No further details are known at this point, but we'll keep you posted!

(August 26 2002) The work on the new Brazen Abbot album continues! So far have drums, organ, bass and Jørn Lande's vocals been recorded! Göran Edman will start recording his songs next week, and Joe Lynn Turner will record his songs in October! For more regular updates on the progress of the new album, please visit the OFFICIAL BRAZEN ABBOT WEBSITE!

(June 19 2002) Nik is now back from his trip in Bulgaria. While there, he appeared on 4 TV shows, 5 radio shows and in 2 newspapers! Nik has also completed his education for his Master's Degree, all that remains is the dissertation in October! There are now some pictures from Nik's stay in Bulgaria online in the photo gallery!

(June 1 2002) The recordings for the new Brazen Abbot album will start in July! We will keep you posted on the progress of the new album. Also, Nik will be in Bulgaria from June 3 to June 14 to pass his Master's Degree at Sofia University! Brazen Abbot's official homepage

(October 16 2001) Nikolo Kotzev has recieved the "Bachelor of music arts" degree from the Academy of musical and dancing arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (AMTI)! Congratulations to Nik!

(June 19 2001) "Nostradamus" has climbed five spots to #15 on the Scherpe Rand top30 charts!

(June 19 2001) "Nostradamus" entered Burrrn!'s "Burning Albums" chart at #8! The japanese magazine Burrrn! is the biggest rock/metal magazine in Asia!

(June 11 2001) "Nostradamus" has entered the Scherpe Rand top30 chart at #20 in the Netherlands!!! This chart is compiled from the feedback from a large number of specialist stores.

(May 25 2001) Nikolo Kotzev will travel to Paris on May 29 on a promo tour for the "Nostradamus" album. Glenn Hughes will probably also be in Paris at the same time, so it seems very likely that he will join Nik when meeting the journalists!

(May 24 2001) As most of you know, the Nostradamus site has not been working properly for quite some time. This has unfortunately been out of our control, as the hosting company's server broke last week. Unfortunately, all files on the server were lost, including the forum messages and some of the subscribers on the mailing list. So you have to resubscribe to list, UNLESS you previously subscribed to the list through the Brazen Abbot site, in that case you need not sign up again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(May 21 2001) "Nostradamus" is out today in Europe and tomorrow in America!

(April 3 2001) The American releasedate for "Nostradamus" has been confirmed, it will be May 22nd, one day after the European release. The recordcompany is still SPV.

(March 30 2001) "Nostradamus", Nikolo Kotzev's rock opera about the famous Michel de Nostredame, has been signed to German label SPV, which will release "Nostradamus" worldwide. The releasedate for Japan will be April 5th, and for Europe May 21th and a bit later for America. Watch this section for more news...

(March 30 2001) The official site of Nikolo Kotzev's rock opera about Nostradamus,, has been launched! All information about the album previously available on the official Brazen Abbot homepage has been moved to this site, and also a lot of new information has been added, like tracklisting, album credits etc...and more will come, so visit this site regularly! Also, be sure to sign up to the Nostradamus mailinglist (those who previously signed up on the Brazen Abbot site do not need to sign up again) and also write your comments about the rock opera in the forum!