Doogie White - Storyteller .

Scottish singer Doogie White joined the band La Paz in 1986, and recorded two albums with them: "Old Habits Die Hard" (1986) and "The Amy Tapes" (1988). After that he joined the Scottish band Midnight Blue. The band's only album, "Take the Money and Run", was released in 1995 after the band had broken up. StorytellerHe also sang on a Japanese tour for NWOBHM-legends Praying Mantis. After that he joined the band Chain, and the album "Eros of Love and Destruction" was released after the band had broken up. Doogie joined Ritchie Blackmore's newly-reformed Rainbow in 1994, and recorded one album with them, "Stranger in Us All". Rainbow toured during 1996 and 1997, but Rainbow was disbanded after the tour. Doogie has also done sessions for other artists and also auditioned for Iron Maiden when they were looking for a new vocalist. In 2000 Doogie and Royal Hunt bassist Steen Mogensen started a project called Cornerstone, which released the album "Arrival" the same year. A new Cornerstone album "Human Stain" was released in 2002, and Doogie also joined Yngwie Malmsteen's band for their new album "Attack!!" the same year.
On "Nostradamus", Doogie White sings the part of the storyteller.


La Paz - Old Habits Die Hard (1986)
La Paz - The Amy Tapes (1988)
Midnight Blue - Take the Money And Run (1995)
Rainbow - Stranger in Us All (1995)
Chain - Eros of Love and Destruction (1996)
Cornerstone - Arrival (2000)
Cornerstone - Human Stain (2002)
Yngwie Malmsteen - Attack!! (2002)